Buy Tyres Online with just your registration number… we do require you to confirm your tyre sizes by checking, or upload a photo of your tyre below and we will email you a link of the categories for you. Its so easy to buy tyres online, and with our GOGO drive customers recieve tyres within 48 hours. Rapid fitting services – being able to squeeze you in is what GOGO expect from our recommended tyre fitting stations.



Or, simply SMS a photo of your tyre to 07935000068.

Use the tyre buying assistant form if you are unsure. Simply take a photo of your tyre ensuring the numbers are visable. Then upload.

GOGO will then email or text you back with the information required to buy tyres online.


Buying tyres online should be a simple and straighforward task, which is why GOGO TYRES streamline their website to suit you.

In order to make the process easier for users we have incorporated a number of intelligent ordering options.

  • Customers can simply use their registration number to order tyres. However, it is worth noting that using this method to buy tyres online can lead to an incorrect order. Potential customers should be aware that over time there is a possibility that a vehicle can have wheels replaced therefore original manufacturer sizes can be incorrect. Car tyre/wheel sizes using this method are pulled from the manufacturers database from when the vehicle was brand new and rolled out of the factory. GOGO recommend this method of ordering for those who are certain that wheel sizes are the same as when the vehicle was brand new.
  • Simply check your tyre size, we have a handy guide for those of you who are unsure. As a result this method will give you the right sizes the first time.
  • Use the GOGO Tyre Checker. Take a photo of your tyre wall ensuring all details are easy to see and read, upload it here, and we

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